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“The poe t ry o f the ear th i s never dead . ”
This issue of TIPS News will focus on our commitment to saving the Environment!
There are several strategies in place to reduce our carbon footprint.
I am sure you have noticed our colour coded containers set around the TIPS garden to encourage
children not only to keep their environment clean, but also to inculcate the habit of sorting the refuse.
Even the very young in Playgroup, in this process, are guided by the staff to read colours, follow
instructions and get a head start in a life-long habit. If the age-old adage is to be believed-“Old Habits
Die Hard”, it is guaranteed that this simple act of sorting refuse, learnt at such an early age, will in the
long run result in saving our World!
If a visitor were to be around at our staff break and was invited to join us for coffee and tea,
he/she would notice a decorated Kleenex box for tea bags and in the teacher’s room there is a
container for all sorts of bottle caps. These are recycled by charity organisations. Through this
act, Miss Glennys Castro, our staff member is actively helping children with Cancer at the
children’s hospital
Besides bottle caps and tea bags, Miss Glennys also
requests that used white paper, exercise books, empty paper rolls, yogurt cups, egg cartons etc.,
be collected to be used in different art projects.
Our class teachers are scouting local, national and international projects to be included in our
curriculum to internalise the concept
where they have
met with considerable success.
This issue is dedicated to informing TIPS community of the whole-school team work in progress
in encouraging our future generations to take initiative and face responsibility in living
harmoniously with the environment for the survival of our own kind, other species, the world
and the universe.
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